"A Christmas Song" is a song originally featured in the Broadway musical adaptation of Elf and later featured in the animated adaptation Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas. It is sung by Buddy as he attempts to get Jovie to sing, and she eventually ends up doing so. It is not to be confused with the similarly titled "The Christmas Song".


TV version

Buddy: Come on Jovie, singing can be easy...
Jovie: Please, stop.
Buddy: It's fun, it's free, and best of all it's...
Jovie: Totally cheesy?
Buddy: Come on!

All you have to do is move your voice much higher...
High! Low!
High! Low!
High... it's just like talking only you sustain it and you make it sound pretty!
Jovie: No!

Buddy: Just sing a Christmas song,
It's like magic if things go wrong.
Just spread some Christmas cheer,
By singing loud for all...
To hear!

Jovie: But when I sing, people stare!
Buddy: That's the point!

And if you're short of cheer,
Think about that year,
You woke up to find
A brand new snow had fallen.

The ornaments you made
Way back in second grade,
Untangling the Christmas lights
Took your father several nights,
Your mother claimed that she had proof
There were reindeer on the roof,
Remember who you were back then,
Let those moments live again!

Come on, Jovie, try it for me!

Jovie: Just sing a Christmas song,
Buddy: That's it!
Jovie: It's like magic if things go wrong.
Buddy: Keep going!
Jovie: Think of the joy you'll bring,
If you just close your eyes...
Buddy: (If you just close your eyes...)
Jovie: If you just close your eyes...
Buddy: (If you just close your eyes...)
Both: If you just close your eyes...

And sing!

(Jovie kisses Buddy's cheek)

Buddy: Aww, shucks.

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