But you know, the thing that makes Christmas special is... hard to describe. It's... magic.

— Bloom

A Magix Christmas is a Christmas-themed episode of the Rainbow Srl. animated television series Winx Club.


Bloom plans to go home for Christmas, but the Trix cast a spell that creates ice monsters and turns the magical protection barrier against them, trapping them at Alfea. The Winx Club fight the Trix and try to make Bloom feel at home to which she gives them her gifts and calls them the best friends. After this the Trix reveal themselves, and destroy the gingerbread house.

Furious and angered, Bloom uses her Harmonix abilities to call upon the immeasurable and vast power and strength of the Dragon Fire, and easily melts the ice dragons and blows the Trix away, restoring the beauty and joy of Christmas. Faragonda creates decorations, opens a mystic portal, and then the children from Gardenia along with Bloom's adoptive parents, Mike and Vanessa, come to Alfea to celebrate the holiday.


  • "Christmas Magic"


  • Mike and Vanessa, as well as the neighborhood kids, were able to set foot in Alfea despite the magical barrier. This is due to the fact that Faragonda used her magic to allow them to set foot at Alfea.
  • It's revealed that it never snows in Magix. This was also pointed out in a story in the comic where a wizard used weather magic to make it snow.
  • Although this episode is the tenth one to be produced for the show's fifth season, this episode was aired after the episode "Sirenix" in the US, which causes some continuity errors, such as the Winx Club still having their Harmonix even though they earned their Sirenix and the fact that the 2D animated opening sequence is still in use even though a new 3D one was introduced in the previous episode.


Voice actor Character
Molly C. Quinn Bloom
Amy Gross Stella
Alejandra Reyonso Flora
Morgan Decker Tecna
Romi Dames Musa
Keke Palmer Aisha
Matt Shively Sky
Adam Gregory Brandon
Charlie Schlatter Timmy
Sam Riegel Riven
David Faustino Helia
Larisa Oleynik Faragonda
Jennifer Cody Darcy
Kimberly Brooks Stormy
James Patrick Stuart Mike
April Stewart Vanessa
Maxim Knight Matt
Isabella Murad Matt's Sister

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