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A Season for Miracles is a made-for-TV movie, originally aired as a Hallmark Hall of Fame special on CBS on December 12, 1999. It was directed by Michael Pressman and is based on a novel by Marilyn Pappano.


When Emilie's sister is hospitalized and then arrested for drug use, she wants to take in her sister's two children. But because she has no way to support them, the visiting social worker in the hospital rejects her as a possible guardian. Rather than see them go into foster care, Emilie takes them on the run. They settle down in a small, friendly town called Bethlehem and try to keep their past a secret. As Christmas approaches, their secrets begin to surface.


The movie was made available on VHS on September 12, 2000, and later released on DVD in 2002.


Actor Character
Patty Duke Angel
Carla Gugino Emilie Thompson
Evan Sabara J.T. Thompson
Mae Whitman Alanna "Lani" Thompson
Laura Dern Berry Thompson
Kathy Baker Ruth Doyle
Lynn Redgrave Judge Nancy Jakes
David Conrad Police Capt. Nathan Blair

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