"A Very Squooky Christmas!" is the Christmas episode of the CBeebies animated series 3rd & Bird.


Samuel, Muffin and Rudy are decorating their Christmas tree when they hear an odd noise and decide to investigate.


A Very Squooky Christmas! DVD

The episode was made available on a DVD named after the episode, released under the BBC Children's DVD label. It was released in the United Kingdom and Canada on November 9, 2009. In addition the special itself, the DVD also contains seven other episodes - Ice Skating!, Samuel’s Dance!, Starry Night!, The Amazing Muffin!, Mariachi Muffin!, Elliot the Budgie!, and Down to Earth!.


Voice actor Character
Sam Lewis Samuel Lovebird
Eden Jarrett Muffin Lovebird
Morgan Gayle Rudy
Michael Fenton-Stevens Mr. Beakman
Anna Nygh Mrs. Billingsley (minor)
Charlotte Leslie-Cameron Missy (minor)
Preston Nyman Quinn (minor)

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