Astro is the Jetson family's pet dog in the Hanna-Barbera animated television series The Jetsons. He is a clumsy and dim-witted canine who speaks rough English with a Scooby-Doo-esque speech impediment, but is very loyal to the Jetsons. According to the episode "Millionaire Astro", he used to belong to the fabulously rich Mr. Gottrockets and was originally named Trallfaz, but he ran away from his old owner and prefers to live with the Jetsons.

The series' Christmas episode, "A Jetson Christmas Carol", places Astro in the Tiny Tim role. He peeks at one of his presents early and finds a robot cat, which he chases around the apartment. He eventually ends up accidentally destroying the toy and swallowing one of the toy's sprockets. Astro becomes deathly ill as a result, and the Jetsons are unable to find any veterinarians who are working on Christmas Eve. In the future shown by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be, it is revealed that Astro would have died from his illness and George would sue Mr. Spacely for all his money, because the sprocket that Astro swallowed was made by Spacely Sprockets. After seeing this vision, Mr. Spacely has his personal veterinarian to the Jetsons on Christmas morning, and he extracts the sprocket out of Astro's stomach, curing him.

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