B.A.H. Humbug Esq. is, contrary to his name, a kind-hearted, fun-loving insect character who appears in the Rankin/Bass animated television special The Stingiest Man In Town.

Humbug appears to be a manifestation of the remaining good in Ebenezer Scrooge, his conscience and regrets over his past, and all that remains of his Christmas spirit until his reformation. The fact that the unreformed Scrooge tolerates having his contrarian spirit around may mean that he is open to the message of Marley and the spirits even before his change. When he sings Birthday Party of the King, he shows that he knows full well what Scrooge has lost, the true spirit of Christmas. On the other hand, he neither leaves nor fades when Scrooge reforms, so he seems to have an independent existence as well. He considers Scrooge a friend, and even at his worst, Scrooge shows that the feeling is mutual.

In the animated special, he is voiced by voice and live action actor Tom Bosley, noted for playing David The Gnome and Happy Days patriarch Howard Cunningham, who oversaw many Christmas episodes on that show.

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