Baby's First Christmas is a made-for-TV movie starring Casper Van Dien, Rachel Wilson, Ella Ballentine, and Patrick Gallagher. It premiered on the Hallmark Channel on December 15, 2012.


In Los Angeles in 2005, Jenna and Kyle, two young lawyers at a prestigious law firm, butt heads as colleagues. A liberal lawyer concerned with global warming, Jenna just doesn't see eye-to-eye with Kyle, a designer-suit-wearing conservative and smooth-talker. Just when they can't stand each other any longer, Jenna announces she's moving to San Francisco to become an environmental lawyer. Both are relieved they'll never see each other again, but at the company Christmas party, their siblings, Trisha and Jim, shockingly hit it off.

In 2012, Jim and Trisha are married with a seven-year-old daughter, Karen, and living in New York. Trisha is nine-months pregnant with her second child, a boy they are naming after Kyle and Trisha's father, Christopher. Jenna and Kyle are still feuding in-laws when they run into each other on their connecting flight to visit their siblings for the holidays. Stuck with a delayed flight at the Chicago airport, they decide to rent a car and drive to New York...

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