"Basking in the Warmth" is a song written for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius Christmas special "Holly Jolly Jimmy". It is sung early on in the episode by Jimmy's class, and later reprised by Jimmy and his family at the ending of the episode.

Basking In The Warmth Of Christmas01:40

Basking In The Warmth Of Christmas

The song is featured as Track 3 on the album Nick Holiday, where it is given the title "Basking in the Warmth of Christmas".


First version

Ms. Fowl: [Brawk] There's a glow by the fire,
As I sit and perspire.
I'm cozy and snug;
I sip from my mug,
Basking in the warmth...of Christmas Daaay! [brawks]

Cindy and Libby: We get gifts from relationships,
And big denominations.
Cindy: Laptops and things.
Libby: Gadgets that ping.
Both: Basking in the warmth of Christmas day.

Jimmy: These feelings that you speak of are subjective,
All I want is something that is real.
Carl: Christmas joy should be your one objective!
Sheen: Last summer I was bitten by an eel!
All other kids: Huh?!

Sam: Kids eat treats in profusion,
They need treats for their choosin'.
Officer Tubs: The punks sprayin' walls!
Other Police officer: Their hearts all aglow!
Both: Basking in the warmth...of Christmas Day!

Jimmy: Your answer's more elusive than it should be,
I run into this problem every time.
How could a guy that fat fit down a chimney?
How could he survive the arctic climb?!

All: Happiness is the reason
We delight in the season.
Science is fine.
But don't waste our time!
We're basking in the warmth...
Jimmy: I can't concur!
All: Basking in the warmth...
Jimmy: But where's your proof?!
All: Basking in the warmth...of Christmas Daaaaaaaaay!!
Ms. Fowl: [Brawks]


All: Christmas Day, we're together,
Never mind the where or weather.
Hugh & Judy: Santa came through...
Jimmy: Now I believe, too!
All: We're basking in the warmth...of Christmas Daaaaaaaaay!!

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