Beatrice "Bea" Goldfishberg is one of the main characters of the Disney Channel animated series Fish Hooks. She is an overly dramatic, cheerful, intimidating goldfish who is best friends are Milo and Oscar, the latter of whom has a crush on her.

In the Fish Hooks Christmas episode, "Merry Fishmas, Milo", she is excited to be the Mall Fish Santa until Barb the mall lady makes her the Mall Elf and Randy Pincherson the Mall Santa. Later, Bea is fed up with Randy's selfishness, she gets into a fight with him, causing Barb to fire her, which Bea is saddened. Later, she saw Fish Santa is broken and Milo asks her for help to save Christmas, which gives her an idea. She dresses up as Santa and gives presents to Albert, Jimbo and anybody, except Randy. She and Milo are done and saw Oscar become the treetop star and Fish Santa got better and made the Christmas party for anybody. She, Milo and Fish Santa said "This is a best Christmas party ever".

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