"Ben & Holly's Christmas" is the second Christmas episode of the preschool children's television series Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. Just like the first one, the episode is actually one story spread across two segments, so both segments are covered here.

B&h c 2 title card

The title card to the second half of the episode.


Part 1

Father Christmas pays a surprise visit to the Little Kingdom to check on the Christmas preparations. The Elves are busy making all of the toys and Nanny Plum is in control of the crackers. Everything is going according to plan until King Thistle gets trapped in a cracker, Queen Thistle gets trapped in a toy fairy castle and the Wise Old Elf gets trapped in a Christmas tree.

Part 2

Resuming from where Part 1 left off, the narrator talks about the conditions of the trapped grown-ups. Meanwhile, back in the Little Kingdom, the kids are worried about the missing grown-ups. The Wise Old Elf calls to tell Nanny that she has to fill in for him in tracking Santa's location. But then, Lucy and her parents come by, doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Lucy picks the Christmas Tree [with the Wise Old Elf, and the Pine Elves inside], and Lucy's mum picks up a box of crackers [with King Thistle inside], and they head home. 

Meanwhile, Nanny Plum is given the lowdown on how to keep track of Santa. At the North Pole, Santa is wrapping up the presents and putting them into his sleigh (Queen Thistle included), and soon takes off. 

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