"The Birthday Party of The King" is a song featured in The Stingiest Man in Town and its animated adaptation.


Christmas trees are brightly lighted
Through the world the church bells ring
Great and small are all invited
To the birthday party of the king
Mighty prince and humble peasant
Each will choose a gift to bring
Do you have a birthday present
For the birthday party of the king
Once wise men came in his honor
Bringing incense, myrrh and gold
But what is gold to a ruler
Who has all the stars to hold
Do you know what gift will please him
Please him more than anything
Bring a heart that really loves him
To the birthday party of the king
The king who loves all creation
Brought the hope of peace to men
Each day throughout every nation
Let that hope be born again
Every man should be my brother
Hear the words that angels sing
Let this day and every other
Be the birthday party...of the king
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