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Date: 1987

"Can't Wait Till Christmas" is a song featured in A Garfield Christmas Special. It is sung by Jon and Garfield on their way to the Arbuckle family farmhouse.


Jon: Dad would chop down the tree!
Garfield: Chores!
Jon: Mom would fix up the meal!
Garfield: Work!
Jon: Doc Boy would get in the way!
Garfield: Fighting - big fat hairy deal.

Jon: Decorating the tree!
Garfield: Gardening!
Jon: Wiring all of the lights!
Garfield: Electrical contracting!
Jon: Wrapping boxes and writing out cards!
Garfield: Office work - outta sight.

Jon: Then we'd take those presents
And pile them under the tree
We'd barely get a wink of sleep
Wondering what they could be!

Garfield: The special gifts of Christmas
Jon: (Christmas!)
Garfield: That really make it great
Jon: (It's so great!)
Garfield: Are the insomnia and the anxiety
Kids get from having to wait

Jon: Can't wait till Christmas
There's so much to do
Both: Can't wait till Christmas...
Garfield: Wake me when it's through!

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