Chip 'n' Dale are a pair of rascally chipmunks who star in cartoons and comics produced by The Walt Disney Company. First appearing without names in the 1943 animated short Private Pluto, they went on to become recurring adversaries for Donald Duck and sometimes Pluto (and even Mickey Mouse on at least one occasion), including starring in a few Christmas cartoons with them. Originally designed as two identical chipmunks, the pair later became distinguishable in that Chip is the more serious one with a black nose, while Dale is the sillier one who has buck teeth and a red nose. In 1989, they also starred in their own animated television series, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, though it never had a Christmas episode (however, a Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers comic story set at Christmastime was published in the magazine Disney Adventures).

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Chip and Dale in Mickey's Magical Christmas

Chip and Dale's cameo in Mickey's Magical Christmas.

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