Christmas is the Christmas special of the British 2000-2006 sitcom My Hero. It was broadcast on BBC One on 22 December 2000.


George tries to get into the spirit of Christmas by creeping into the houses of girlfriend Janet's parents, Mrs Raven and her boss Piers on Christmas Eve dressed as Santa Claus to leave them all presents.

This doesn't go down as well as he had planned, and Christmas dinner is a bit of a miserable affair -- until George appears with the real Father Christmas who has a special present. for everyone.


  • Ardal O'Hanlon as George Sunday/Thermoman
  • Emily Joyce as Janet Dawkins
  • Hugh Dennis as Dr. Piers Crispin
  • Geraldine McNulty as Mrs. Raven
  • Philip Whitchurch as Tyler
  • Lil Roughley as Ella Dawkins
  • Tim Wylton as Stanley Dawkins
  • Lou Hirsch as Arnie

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