Christmas Is is a 1970 made-for-television animated special. It was produced by Screen Images Productions, which also produced The City That Forgot About Christmas. The character Benji appears in both specials. A third special featuring Benji, Freedom Is, for the Fourth of July, was also produced.


Benji is upset that he is always given the part of second shepherd in his school's Christmas pageant. He doesn't really understand what the big deal about Christmas is. His friend Tommy tries to explain it to him, but he isn't interested. Another friend, named Jimmy, who goes to a different school, tells him their pageant is about Santa Claus, and that he'll be playing an elf, making Benji envious. He wishes his school would do a pageant like that instead of the Nativity story. Then Benji has a dream about the birth of Jesus, and he finally understands just how important a role the shepherds played in spreading the news about His birth, But he also learns that it's the birth of Jesus that is the most important part of Christmas. He then knows he has to share this realization with his friend Jimmy.

Cast (voices)

  • June Foray
  • Hans Conreid
  • Don Messick

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