Christmas Picnic is sung by the Wiggles on their Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas album and video.


We're having a picnic on the beach
Ooh, it's Christmas Day
Bring all your friends, take some food
Let's all dance and play

There's Dorothy the Dinosaur
Eating some roses (Romp-Bomp-a-Chomp)
She's starting to dance now
Doing the Romp-Bomp-a-Stomp


There's Wags the Dog
Eating some bones (Ruff, ruff, ruff!)
He's digging in the dirt now
And running to and fro


There's Captain Feathersword
Tickling away (Ahoy there, me hearties!)
He's starting to dance
He's doing it the pirate way

[Chorus x3]

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