Christmas Special is the Christmas special of Uncle Grandpa.


Part One

After he gets into a fit of rage over Christmas, Uncle Grandpa and the rest land into the workshop of Santa Claus, who is unable to deliver presents after breaking his leg. He and Uncle Grandpa brawl and reveal that they are brothers, currently in a spat over a hip-hop performance in the past gone awry. When the elves panic over who will deliver the presents to the children, Pizza Steve suggests that they volunteer to deliver presents, to which Uncle Grandpa reluctantly agrees. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at doing so, they reach the third house, the residence of a "naughty" Sally Smith, who locks Uncle Grandpa up in a cage with the rest of the holiday characters.

Because Uncle Grandpa vows not to listen to his brother, Santa raps out the instructions in order to escape from the cell. Uncle Grandpa follows through, but not before being caught by Sally, who recognizes who he really is. When she asks how he escaped, he credits the "influential power of hip hop", which causes her to have a change of heart, and so she frees the rest of the holiday characters. While it takes Santa until spring to deliver the rest of the presents, he and Uncle Grandpa finally reconcile.

Part Two

After ruining Christmas Eve dinner for everybody, Uncle Grandpa feels unwanted and wishes to propel himself into outer space. A galactic guardian named Lawrence manifests itself into the form of a lobster and shows Uncle Grandpa a parallel universe where he does not exist: Frankenstein is captured by an angry mob; Giant Realistic Flying Tiger has a job as a mascot; Belly Bag is in the dresser of a teenage girl; Pizza Steve is a waiter at a seafood restaurant; and Mr. Gus works as a janitor at a museum. Uncle Grandpa realizes that he must stay and apologizes to his friends, who accept his apology and have already placed an order for chicken wings.


Voice actor Character
Pete Browngardt Uncle Grandpa
Eric Bauza Belly Bag
Adam Devine Pizza Steve
Kevin Michael Richardson Mr. Gus
Bob Joles Santa Claus
Grey DeLisle Sally Smith


  • Its revealed that Uncle Grandpa and Santa are brothers.
  • The "My Chum Charlie" doll is a reference to the Movie "Chucky", a movie about a doll with a similar appearance who goes around murdering people.
  • Uncle Grandpa's eye hands could reference "Pan's Labyrinth".
  • This episode is a 22-minute special that is split up into two different stories, similar to regular episodes with two 11-minute pairs. However, the stories are not in even times, the first one being around 14 minutes long and the other being around 7 minutes.
  • When Uncle Grandpa is on the bridge in part two, it could reference the scene of It's a Wonderful Life, another Christmas Special where George Bailey shouts out "I want to live again".
    • Also, when Belly Bag states that "Every time that bell rings Pizza Steve gets his wings", referencing the line "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings".

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