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A Garfield Christmas Special (also called A Garfield Christmas for short) is an animated Christmas special based on the newspaper comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis, originally broadcast on CBS on December 21, 1987. In a brightly decorated house, Garfield is awakened by Jon, dressed as an elf, who says that it is Christmas morning and Garfield must be treated to a large amount of lasagna before opening his presents. After Garfield finishes eating the lasagna, Jon presents him with a robotic Santa Claus that reads minds and produces whatever Garfield wants. Garfield is pleased with this, until Jon actually wakes Garfield up and it is revealed that Garfield was just dreaming. Jon tells Garfield that it is Christmas Eve, and that they are going to the countryside to celebrate Christmas with Jon's family on their farm. Garfield, not very keen on the idea, asks why they always have to go to the Arbuckle farm and wonders why Jon's family can never just come to Jon's house instead. (more)

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