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GoofTroopXmas DVD

A Goof Troop Christmas: Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas is a half-hour Christmas special spun off from the Disney Afternoon animated series Goof Troop. It was originally broadcast as part of a one-hour special in syndication on December 5, 1992, in which it was accompanied by the classic shorts Up a Tree and The Art of Skiing, and a behind-the-scenes look at some of Disney's animated features. It was broadcast as a prime-time special again the next year, this time accompanied by the shorts On Ice, The Hockey Champ, and Toy Tinkers, and later appeared in Christmas marathons on the Disney Channel and Toon Disney until 2009. The special's opening sequence finds Goofy and his son Max setting up their outdoor Christmas decorations, and Goofy is naturally having a hard time doing so. He ends up getting his head stuck in a giant plastic Santa, trips over some of the reindeer decorations, and winds up catapulting the thing across the sky. Pistol, Pete's daughter, comes outside and, seeing Goofy flying through the air, thinks that Santa Claus has come early. (more)

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