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"A Very CatDog Christmas" is a special half-hour Christmas episode of the Nickelodeon animated series CatDog, produced and aired in the show's second season. The episode opens on CatDog having just finished their annual tradition of decorating a pair of trees for Christmas, now leaving their gifts for each other under them. Afterward, the two then head off on Dog's favorite Christmas tradition - visiting Santa Claus. At the Mall of Malls, Santa is shown to be not at all happy with the commercialism that all the kids in Nearburg have succumbed to. Cat appears to be no different, letting the big guy know (loud enough for Dog to hear) that he wants a sports car, but Santa is shown a glimmer of hope when Dog says that all he wants is that Cat likes the present he gave him. Just then, the mall's owner, Rancid Rabbit, shows up, making way for his bratty niece, Rancine, to visit Santa. Rancine, who says that she already owns everything she desires, notices CatDog and wants them as her pet. Rancid offers to buy CatDog, but they initially refuse his offer. But after a talk with Winslow, Cat is led to believe that his and Dog's Christmases are terrible because they don't have "enough stuff." Thusly, he and Dog take Rancid up on his offer, saying they'll be Rancine's present if he gives them access to everything in his mansion. Unfortunately, Santa is upset by this action and decides the world might be better off without Christmas. (more)

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