"Christmas at the Clampetts" is the third Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, aired in the show's second season.


It's Christmas time and the Clampetts receive beautiful gifts from the Drysdales, including a boat and television set. However, they mistake them for other things: the television set for a washing machine and the boat as someone else's. The Drysdales also give them a pet chimpanzee, which they mistake for a sailor from another country. But Elly May realizes that it's actually an animal and begins to play with it. And to share the Christmas spirit, the Clampetts give Mrs. Drysdale what she wants: a full length mink. Of course she means the coat, while the Clampetts get the animal. When the Drysdales arrive, she figures it's a diamond she is receiving, then learns that it's lost. And when her coat fall on the floor and Mr. Drysdale hides it to teach her a lesson, she worries about where it went to. She runs out in a hurry, trying to find it. To complete their Christmas, the Clampetts decide to find some water to sail their boat. However, all they see is people driving theirs around. They go back home and see on their TV/washing machine that it is all dried up too. They had a short Christmas, but it was a merry one.

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