Christmas is Here Again is a 2007 animated Christmas film, released directly on DVD by Screen Media Films.


Sophiana, a crippled orphan girl, with the help of Paul Rocco, the elf, Dart, the grandson of Santa's reindeer, Buster, the sneaky fox, and Charlee, the dim-witted polar bear, go save Christmas by getting Santa's magic toy bag which was made out of Jesus' swaddling clothes to him, which was stolen by Krad, who supplied Santa all the coal to give to naughty children, but when Santa decided to stop punishing naughty, Krad, swore he take his revenge, back to Santa


Voice actor Character
Jay Leno Narrator
Ed Asner Krad
Kathy Bates Ms. Dowdy
Madison Davenport Sophiana
Colin Ford Dart
Brad Garrett Charlee
Shirley Jones Victoria Claus
Norm MacDonald Buster
Daniel Roebuck Paul Rocco
Andy Griffith Santa Claus

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