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A listing of box sets including multiple Christmas special home video titles. This list does not include single-title DVDs with multiple discs featuring Christmas specials, such as Shout! Factory's DiC Animated Christmas Blast.

US releases

Cover Title Release date Distributor Featured videos


Christmas Classics Series - Original Holiday Favorites 1993 Family Home Entertainment
The Original Television Christmas Classics 1998 Sony Wonder


Original Television Holiday Classics 2001 DVD
The Original Television Holiday Classics 2001 Sony Wonder
Sesame Street Holiday DVD 3-Pack September 24, 2002 Sony Wonder
The Original Television Christmas Classics September 5, 2004 Sony Wonder
Happy Holidays from Sesame Street! October 4, 2005 Sony Wonder
Christmas Television Favorites DVD 2007
Christmas Television Favorites October 2, 2007 Warner Home Video
Original Christmas Classics DVD 2007
The Original Christmas Classics September 4, 2007 Genius Entertainment
Classic Christmas Favorites October 7, 2008 Warner Home Video
Holiday Magic September 30, 2009 Mill Creek Entertainment
Santa's Magical Stories October 4, 2011 Warner Home Video
4 Kid Favorites Holiday Family Fun Collection
4 Kid Favorites: Holiday Family Fun Collection October 1, 2013 Warner Home Video
Snoopy's Holiday Collection October 1, 2013 Warner Home Video
Merry Masterpieces 4 Kid Favorites: Merry Masterpieces October 13, 2015 Warner Home Video
Festive Follies Collection Festive Follies Collection October 13, 2015 Warner Home Video
  • Scooby-Doo! and the Snow Creatures
  • Tom and Jerry's Winter Wackiness
    • Buddies Thicker Than Water
    • Snowbody Loves Me
    • The A-Tom-Inable Snowman
    • Northern Light Fish Fight
    • Doggone Hill Hog
    • Sasquashed
    • Snow Mouse
  • Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper
    • The Yogi Bear Show: "Yogi's Birthday Party"


71ORu93aaTL. AA1500 The Original Christmas Classics October 12, 2010 Vivendi Entertainment

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