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"Clean Up Your Act" is a song in An All Dogs Christmas Carol, sung by Charlie Barkin (as The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, also dressed in a spoof "The Mask", minus the shoes) to Carface Carruthers, warning him to change his ways or he'll be condemned to perdition.


Charlie: (spoken) It's... showtime!

(sung) Look what you've done.
You've been a very bad dog, my son,
Packin' seven years of evil into everyone!
Ooh, greed and vice.
A pack of cards and a pair o' dice
Ain't gonna get you into

(spoken) You get it? Pair of dice, paradise, huh? (chuckles)

Carface: Huh?

Charlie: (sung) You're in a sad, sad, so sad, really bad, makes-me-mad state, old friend.
Is this the end?

I think it's time (Angels: High time) to clean up your act.
If you don't, you're doomed, and that's a fact.
Take a look, and you'll see
The kind of dog you were born to be.

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