Donkey Kong Sr., better known as Cranky Kong, is a character from Nintendo's Donkey Kong video game series. He is the eponymous gorilla who antagonized Mario in the original Donkey Kong arcade game, and is either the grandfather or father of the current Donkey Kong, depending on the source. Now an elderly, curmudgeonly ape, he provides sage advice to DK and/or his companions, always mixed in with his constant fourth wall-breaking complaints about modern video games.

To date, Cranky's only appearance in a Christmas-related production was the Donkey Kong Country cartoon's Christmas episode, "The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights". As he is the original Donkey Kong, it bares worth noting that he was also briefly mentioned by his son, Donkey Kong Jr., at the beginning of the Saturday Supercade episode "A Christmas Story".

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