Dasher is one of Santa Claus's 8 reindeer, originally named in the poem The Night Before Christmas.


Prominent appearances

In the following specials, Dasher makes a prominent appearance in the story and/or has a speaking part.

Image Production Year Notes
The Year Without a Santa Claus 1974 Dasher helps Santa travel to Southtown to find Jingle, Jangle, and Vixen.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie 1998 Dasher is brother to Comet, Cupid and Blitzen, and also Rudolph and Arrow's uncle, voiced by Paul Dobson.
Donner 2001 Voiced by Mark Hildreth
The Flight Before Christmas 2008 In this film, Dasher is the leader of The Flying Forces. Voiced by Detlef Bierstedt (German) and Morgan James (English)
SbChar Dasher
Prep & Landing 2009 Along with Dancer, Dasher is one of Santa's co-lead reindeer, voiced by Nathan Greno. According to his official character biography, he is Thrasher's second cousin.
Get Santa 2014 Dasher appears in this film where he has flatulence problems

Minor appearances

In the following specials, Dasher is named onscreen, but is indistinguishable from other reindeer.

External links

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