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Diesel's Ghostly Christmas is a double length episode from the Nineteenth season of Thomas and Friends.


Part 1

Christmas has come to the Island of Sodor. All the engines are busy, especially Thomas. He is so busy, in fact, that he isn't able to help the Fat Controller to Brendam Docks after he gets a leg injury. When he sees Diesel, he asks for help, but Diesel refuses claiming that he is busy, too. Luckily, Emily isn't busy, and does Thomas' jobs while Thomas takes the Fat Controller to the docks.

Meanwhile, Cranky has unloaded the Christmas tree from the mainland and needs it to be put on a flatbed. Salty, however, can't reach the flatbed as his engine is experiencing trouble. Diesel is obviously no help either. By the time Salty reaches the flatbed, it's too late and the tree lands on top of him. Thomas has seen Diesel's selfishness, and grows more frustrated.

When the tree is finally put onto the flatbed, Paxton tries to pull it away, but it's just too heavy. Thomas suggests asking Diesel, but as earlier, Diesel refuses. Soon, Paxton is on his way, but the chains holding the tree down have come loose, knocking e train off balance and they all topple onto their sides, damaging the tracks in the progress. Thomas once again sees Diesel refusing to get help, so he begins to plan something.

Soon, Diesel has come back to the Vicarstown Dieselworks, but it's more eerie than normal. As a cold flows in, out comes Emily in the form of the "Marley's ghost". The ghost informs Diesel to go to the docks, which he obeys. There, he meets the ghost of Christmas past, who reminds him of the time he dumped cars into the quay, and when he spilled milk onto the Fat Controller. Horrified, Diesel runs away. The ghost is soon revealed to be Salty decked in lights.

Part 2

Diesel sons runs into the ghost of Christmas present (Paxton) who tells him the outcome of Christmas if he changes his ways. Diesel is horrified to see another ghost, and flees, only to hit the damaged track and derail. He sees Thomas coming down the line, but Thomas refuses, similar to what Diesel did earlier.

At Whiff's waste dump, Thomas gets himself covered in trash to look like the ghost of Christmas future, and informs Diesel that if he doesn't see the errors of his ways, other won't help him, and he will be left to rot. Later, a clean and spotless Thomas arrives with Rocky to lift Diesel back onto the rails. Diesel has now learned his lesson, and offers to take Rocky back to the search and rescue center.

Thomas has left with his passengers to go drop them off at the Earl's Christmas lunch, but doesn't realize that he has left the Fat Controller behind! Diesel, however, is more than happy to help. Soon, all the guests arrive, and that's when Thomas realizes that he has forgotten one person. Luckily, Diesel shows up with the Fat Controller on board, and the lunch begins.

Diesel is happy to have helped and wishes everybody a merry Christmas.


  • This special is based off of the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol.
  • Paxton and Rocky break the fourth wall.
  • The events to the third season episode "Diesel Does it Again" and seventeen episode "No More Mr. Nice Engine" are referenced.
  • This is the first episode in all of Thomas and Friends to have two parts.

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