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Eddie Popko is the deuteragonist of To Grandmother's House We Go. He is a Federal Parcel Delivery man who is a fan of Roy Rogers, and whose love interest is Rhonda Thompson (whom he usually immediately hits on). His goal is to win a lot of money from the Win-o-Lottery, and he is "not a health nut", but he takes a Flintstone vitamin every single morning. Every week, he has told Rhonda how much he'll win, and then he always loses (at least until the end).

He is first shown driving to the convenience store while singing along to Roy Rogers' "Don't Fence Me In". As a news reporter talks about the FPD Bandits stealing a delivery truck full of Christmas presents, Rhonda warns him to be careful. For this, he tells her she really does care about him and asks her to come over to his house that night and cook him some dinner, but she tells him this immediate hitting on her is why she can't speak nicely to him.

One morning, when there is a little snow (not enough to build a big snowman), Eddie is singing "Black Coffee" while carrying a Christmas package to the Thompsons, and inadvertently knocks over Frosty, a small snowman built by Rhonda's twin daughters Sarah and Julie. For this, they shout at him and tell their mother on him, astonishing Eddie, who had no idea Rhonda had kids. Probably because of kids being in his presence, Eddie doesn't hit on Rhonda this time, and leaves. However, because he "killed Frosty", the girls throw snowballs at him.

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