Elmo Saves Christmas book

The cover to the storybook adaptation

Elmo Saves Christmas is a 1996 Christmas special based off of the television series Sesame Street, narrated by guest star Maya Angelou. Its plot is based off of the short story Christmas Every Day by William Dean Howells.


It is once again Christmas time on Sesame Street. Snuffy, Big Bird's best friend, departs for Cincinnati to visit his grandmother for the holiday, and promises to return the day after Christmas. Meanwhile, Elmo plans to stay up all night on Christmas Eve to see Santa Claus descend from his chimney. He falls asleep, but is awakened when Santa gets lodged halfway up his chimney. By freeing him, Elmo is granted the privilege of choosing a gift. When he chooses a magical snow globe instead of a pink teddy bear, he is granted three wishes. Using the snow globe, he wishes for a glass of water because he is thirsty.

On Christmas morning, the excitement and joy delights Elmo so much that he wishes it could be Christmas everyday. This proves to be a very costly mistake. At the urging of Santa, Lightning, one of his reindeer-in-training (and the reason he got stuck in Elmo's chimney), uses his speed to take Elmo to the future to see what Christmas is like in the spring, summer, and the following December 25th. He sees Big Bird become depressed over the fact that Snuffy is spending Christmas with his grandmother in Cincinnati all year, Maria and Luis get crabby and upset over the Fix-It Shop being closed all year, everyone gets annoyed at It's a Wonderful Life being the only thing on TV, meaning that general unhappiness is evident. The elves, too, are annoyed at their continued work shift, and slack off on the job, and other holidays like Easter and Independence Day aren't as fun anymore either. The only Sesame Street resident who isn't getting tired of Christmas every day is Oscar the Grouch, who obviously enjoys seeing everyone else feeling as grouchy as him.

After regretting his second wish, Elmo suddenly realizes that "if everyday was Christmas, there wouldn't be Christmas at all", he decides to use his third wish to undo it (though it was originally for rollerblades), but he shakes the snow globe so much that it flies from his hands and smashes on the ground before the wish can come true. Luis laments, "It's Christmas...forever!", and Big Bird says, "Goodbye, Snuffy." The crowd all moans into an even deeper depression and leaves.

All looks lost, until Elmo suggests that Lightning could fly him back in time to the Christmas Eve when it all started. They go back in time to before Elmo wished it was Christmas every day, erasing everyone's memories (except for Santa, Elmo, and Lightning). After saving Santa for the second time, Elmo chooses the pink bear, but Santa immediately offers him a new gift, a "Moo Bunny", a cow plush toy with rabbit ears. Also proud of Lighting's part in helping Elmo, Santa offers to promote him so he may pull the sleigh with the other reindeer. The next morning, Big Bird is reunited with Snuffy early, because just as he was about to leave for Cincinnati, his grandmother came to Sesame Street instead. Elmo learns that although Christmas can't be every day, it's important to have its spirit in your soul every day. The special closes with its final song, "Keep Christmas With You (All Through the Year)" (previously featured in Christmas Eve on Sesame Street).


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Elmo Saves Christmas cast shot

The cast singing "Keep Christmas With You (All Through the Year)" at the end of the special.

Actor / Muppeteer Character
Kevin Clash Elmo
Baby Natasha
Joey Mazzarino Lightning
Caroll Spinney Big Bird
Oscar the Grouch
Martin P. Robinson Mr. Snuffleupagus
Telly Monster
Frank Oz Bert
Cookie Monster
David Rudman Baby Bear
Fran Brill Zoe
Carmen Osbahr Rosita
Steve Whitmire Ernie
Kermit the Frog
Jerry Nelson Count Von Count
Mr. Johnson
Bob McGrath Bob Johnson
Sonia Manzano Maria Rodriguez
Emilio Delgado Luis Rodriguez
Desiree Casado Gabi Rodriguez
Alison Bartlett O'Reilly Gina Jefferson
Roscoe Orman Gordon Robinson
David L. Smyrl Mr. Handford
Carlo Alban Carlo
Maya Angelou Herself


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