In 1997, singer Johnny Mathis included "Giving" on a newly-recorded collection of Christmas songs, bringing a new luster to this all-too-obviously abandoned melody, as only the great Mathis could:

Ev'ry Christmas Eve, we are part of the Miracle. 

Ev'ry girl and boy shares the joy if they believe. 

You can share it too. Just believe in the Miracle --- 

You will carry Joy with you ev'ry Christmas Eve.... 

So that ev'ry Christmas, 

Ev'ry gift of Christmas 

And all that you wish will be yours; 

For ev'ry Christmas, Christmas isn't Christmas 

Unless there's a Santa Claus, 

Unless there's a Santa Claus.... 

(repeat opening stanza) 

In this whole world that we live in, 

There is one pure joy that ev'ryone can share: 

The joy of giving 

To the people for whom we care. 

When you give love in small ways, 

You'll know it's always there. 

To be giving and forgiving 

Is to understand the joy of living. 

What's so hard about giving? 

It's a perfectly simple art. 

The trick is to give with love from the start 

And to give with an open heart......

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