"Father's Day" is the first Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, aired in the show's first season.


Clair notices that Cliff is still wearing his worn out pajamas and wonders why he does not wear the ones she gave him for Father's Day. This sets him off on a speech about how no one gives fathers what they really want or need for Father's Day. He digs out a box of gifts the children have given him over the years and shows off an array of ties, belts, and hats that light up. He walks around the house in the tacky clothing and asks the children to put some thought into their gifts the next time Father's Day comes around. They agree that they have not been thoughtful and set out with Clair to buy him some better Father's Day presents--even though it is two weeks until Christmas. Meanwhile, Cliff encounters a macho father-to-be who insists he is the boss of the household and must always get his way. Cliff sets him straight, explaining that he and his wife must band together to keep the children from taking over.

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