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"From the Heart" is a song that is to be performed in the upcoming Sofia the First episode "Winter's Gift". It is sung by Princess Tiana who assists a saddened and depressed Sofia to lift the transformational curse on her new forest friend, Winter the faun.


It doesn't matter if its large or small

It doesn't matter what the colour is at all

A gift you find inside a store high on a shelf

Or something simple that you made all by yourself

It could be plainly wrapped or trimmed with silver bows

A huge bouquet or a single rose

What matters from the start

The most important part

A gift should come from the heart

The smallest gift can seem just like a dream come true

And why it's special is because it comes from you

What makes a difference is the feeling and the thought

For that's a gift that can't be bought

What matters from the start

The most important part

The gift should come from your heart


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