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"Getting to Know You" is the second Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, aired in the show's sixth season.


Cliff and Martin meet at the café for coffee. Two women hit on them and are disappointed to learn that they are married. Cliff and Martin introduce them to Theo. The Huxtable women spend the day on a shopping excursion. They convince Elvin to dress up in an elf costume when he visit sick children in the hospital. He is initially put off by the costume, but eventually becomes very enthusiastic about lifting the kids' spirits. Cliff and Martin are left alone in the house. Cliff pushes Martin for details about his courtship with Denise. They later bond over their experiences in the Navy. Cliff says that he is glad that Denise married such a good man, but is disappointed that he did not get to give her away. The family organizes an impromptu ceremony in the living room so that he can officially do so. He and Olivia discuss Santa Claus and his racial background.

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