Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus is a 1949 Animaland animated short produced by David Hand Productions and released by Gaumont British Animation, Rank Organisation and General Film Distributors Ltd. This cartoon reintroduced characters from previous episodes of the "Animaland" series.


A sold-out show for the Christmas Circus can't stop Boko, a purposeful (and cantankerous) parrot, from weaseling Willie Weasel's tickets away. Squirrel Ginger is the ringmaster for an animal circus. A parrot has snuck in using a weasel's ticket; the weasel keeps trying to enter as well, but keeps getting thrown out. The parrot heckles, and is also thrown out. The weasel prepares to clobber the parrot, but a mole pops up with a "Peace on Earth" sign which the weasel smashes on the parrot.


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