"Give Your Friend An Easter Egg For Christmas" is a song featured in the Sesame Street Christmas special Elmo Saves Christmas. It is sung by the Easter Bunny (Harvey Fierstein) as he tries to sell off his Easter eggs as Christmas gifts and demonstrates their many uses.


Buy your friends an Easter egg for Christmas.
Easter eggs are useful as can be.
Take your Christmas money to your local bunny
And you can lay an egg under the Christmas tree.
Easter eggs no longer just for Easter
Now that we got Christmas every day.
It's the universal gift, so give a pal a lift
And buy a Christmas Easter egg today.
Female Customer #1: But what do you do with them?
Easter Bunny: What can we do with them, huh?
Elmo: You hide it!
Easter Bunny: Yeah! And you can roll them on the White House lawn.
Female Customer #2: Really? What else?
Easter Bunny: What else can you do?
You could make a nose with it, you could smell a rose with it.
You could touch your toes with it, you could even pose with it.
You could bake a pie with it, you could make an eye with it.
You could name it Fred (Hi, Fred.) or smash it on your head.
Or if you have the time and get that chance,
You can give them tiny skirts and teach them how to dance.
Un, deux, trois. Let can-can!
Now don't forget who made them. (Bawk, bawk!)
We're the hens who laid them. (Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk!)
So give your friends an Easter egg for Christmas. (For Christmas.)
We only got a few, so don't delay. (Don't delay.)
Here's the chance to grab it, see your local rabbit
And buy a lovely Easter Egg for Christmas today.

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