"Give or Take a Million" was the 32th episode of the Supermarionation series Thunderbirds.

In conjunction with Harman's Department Store, the directors of the Coralville Children's Hospital arrange for a container full of presents to be launched by rocket from the roof of the store and dropped in the hospital grounds on Christmas Day. By arrangement with Jeff Tracy, one of the gift boxes will contain an invitation for one of the Coralville children to visit Tracy Island and spend Christmas withInternational Rescue. As the rocket is being packed with presents on Christmas Eve, two crooks, Scobie and Straker, break into the Second National Bank from the toy department of Harman's, which is just next door. Using a harness on a pulley to lift him clear of the touch-sensitive vault floor, Scobie steals the gold reserves stacked on the shelves of the vault, but he accidentally dislodges a pencil from a table and it falls on to the floor, setting off the alarm. The two crooks hide in the container of toys, just as it is loaded on to the rocket...

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