"Golden Dreams" is a song from The Stingiest Man in Town and its animated adaptation.


Belle: I want to build a cottage.
Young Scrooge: We can't afford it yet,
But when I made my fortune
What a mansion we will get!
Belle: I only want a little cottage,
With children playing on the floor.
Young Scrooge: But darling, love flies out the window,
When property comes through the door.

I think of you and my future gleems,
And my mine is fill with Golden Dreams.
I think of you and I love you so,
All the world takes on a golden glow.
So hold me close tonight,
And fill me with dreams of delight.

Both: I think of you and your love for me
And I know that life that you'll will be,
More beautiful then it seems,
In my Golden... Dreams.

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