Grandpa is the father of Oona, the grandfather of Niko, the step grandfather of Jonni, the father-in-law of Lenni, and a character in The Flight Before Christmas.

The Flight Before Christmas

Grandpa first appears when he is accidentally knock into snow by Niko when the latter is watching the Flying Forces having test flight.

He is later seen with his daughter and the herd's Leader when Niko along with the Leader's daughter Saga come to them, saying they saw wolves to which Grandpa asks Niko if the wolves followed them to which Niko replies that they lost them. However when a wolf named Smiley appears, Grandpa along with Oona, Niko and Saga flee on the Leader's orders.

After the Leader is injured whilst escaping Smiley, Grandpa scolds Niko for going on flying practising and leading Smiley to the herd and causing the Leader to get hurt, before Oona comes to her son's defence, telling her father and the rest of the herd that Niko is just a boy and the wolves will return and there will be many. Whilst travelling with the herd to find a new home, Niko overhears Grandpa calling him unreliable and how can they trust a boy who thinks he can fly.

When Julius returns to the herd and tells them that Niko can fly and has joined the Flying Forces, they don't believe him and are angry at him for not bringing Niko back. Just then, Niko flies down to them with Wilma and reunites with Oona while Grandpa and the Leader look on happily. He also witnesses Niko turn down an offer by his father Prancer to join the Flying Forces to remain in the herd, but promises to visit after Christmas. Grandpa is last seen when he and the herd are led to a new home with plenty of food and water by Niko and Julius.


  • For unknown reasons, neither Grandpa or The Leader reappear in The Flight Before Christmas's sequel Little Brother Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure, despite being major characters. Though it is possible that in Grandpa's case, he may have passed away from illness or old age.
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