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"Happy New Dick!" is the second Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun, aired in the show's fourth season.


As the new year approaches, Dick is in despair because he feels he hasn't accomplished anything all year. Meanwhile, Don gives Sally a necklace and earrings for Christmas, but she wants more. Dick, pondering the significance of New Year's Eve, fears that he's done nothing of consequence in 1998. When he mistakenly thinks it's midnight a few hours early, he embraces Mary and dances with her in the snow--a perfect moment that he later realizes wasn't only his most meaningful act of 1998, but also a lovely way to start 1999. Harry hires Larry and Mrs. Deguzman to work at Doug's bar with him, but they're both so dang lazy that he fires them both on New Year's Eve. Don gets upset that Sally takes advantage of his nice-guy nature and he lays down the law--her cutesy, little-girl cajoling will no longer work on him. She realizes that with her feminine appeal comes a great deal of responsibility for using it benevolently and she vows to do better in the new year. Tommy, the party coordinator for Doug's big celebration, is completely frazzled by the enormous responsibility of helping Rutherford ring in the new year.

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