"Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas" is the Christmas-themed episode of the Cartoon Network original series My Gym Partner's a Monkey.


Animas is a celebration for animals and their instincts and Adam must hold himself up or he'll ruin the holiday for everyone. Also, Coach Gills is not enjoying Animas at all, with spoofs of many holiday specials such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas

Adam and his friends at the Animas feast.

On the morning of Juberary, Animals throughout the city wake up and are excited for the celebration of the first day of Animas. When the members of the Zoo Aquarium get to school, Adam Lyon is apparently the only one who's unaware of the special occasion, as he's broken the so-called first rule of Animas, to lack wearing periwinkle on the first day, which results in him getting bonked on the head with coconuts.

In Mr. Hornbill's Class, it's explained by Hornbill, that Animas is an instinctual holiday and that all animals collectively know when the subjective date is going to take place, without even talking about it beforehand. Apparently, Animas takes place on the hottest day of the year and only animals are able to know when the tempurature is at it's hottest and most unbeatable. The other animals of the class laugh at Adam for his lack of basic knowledge on the topic.

Later on, in Miss Chameleon's class, the students are told to say what they appreciate most about the holidays. Windsor and Lupe express completely opposite points of view. Windsor says the holiday went from it's inital sentimental celebration, and has now mutated into such a commercialized event, where corporations now make money off of selling worthless material objects. Lupe proves to be a brainless consumer, who obseses over all the fancy and expensive presents she gets on the holiday.

Every animal loves Animas for one reason or the other, all except for Coach Gills, who hates Animas in a style similar to that of The Grinch's. Gills takes the days of Animas off, and complains about the Animas commotion, watching from afar, sitting on top of a giant, mountain, alongside Horace Ferret.

On the second day of Animas, Adam comes to school wearing periwinkle, but the entire school is empty. The only inhabitants of the school are a bunch of tumbleweeds, one of which is a magical Talking Tumbleweed, who explains what's going on. All of the animals migrated South to have an amazing party bash, while he was to distribute gold and pollen, in their absence. He also clonks Adam's head with a coconut for wearing periwinkle, claiming that was only for yesterday. Adam runs in fear of the talking tumbleweed and comes across the unexpected return of all the animals, who again say that their instincts kept them all on the Animas bandwagon, which Adam is apparently lacking. Windsor then instinctually senses that it's time to decorate the Animas rock. The animals take off and Adam is left by himself, seeing himself as being unfit for the animal habitat and wishes to go back to his old school. He later tells Jake and the other animals that he doesn't have the instincts to help them find the Animas rock. This comes across as a complete shock to all of the animals, because now the holiday has been ruined thanks for Adam's incompetence.

On the third day of Animas, everyone is still depressed and angry at Adam for ruining Animas for them. Adam seeks help from Windsor on how to get a grip on his instincts, but when Windsor unleashes his animal nature, he ends up scaring Adam away. Slips laughs at the hilarity of this, but Lupe rudely reminds him that if Adam doesn't learn about his instincts eventually, Animas will be cancelled. That night at Coach Gills' House, a parody of A Christmas Carol ensues, when Mrs. Warthog, Principal Pixiefrog, and Mr. Mandrill visit her dressed as ghosts and try to give her a look into her past, to show her why she hates Animas. Mr. Mandrill and Pixiefrog play the roles of Coach Gills' mother and Coach Gills' past self, respectively. Coach Gills sees through this very quickly, as soon as soon as Mr. Mandrill mentions liking balonga, which could only mean this is false, since her mother is allergic to processed meat.

On the fourth day of Animas, Adam talks to Jake and claims to have lost the Animas spirit. He plans to then skip town and go on a soul searching journey, to help him find out where he really belongs, because it's certainly not at the animal school. That night at the Great Gourd Patch, a parody of It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! happens, wheein Coach Gills has been dragged out to the patch by Horace, where it's rumored that The Great Gourd, will arise for that one day only, which he does. (Actually, it's just a stress induced hallucination), but he tells her to go back to Charles Darwin Middle School and celebrate Animas with her friends, tomorrow.

On the fifth and final day of Animas, Adam reaches the City Limits and tries to fit in with the street kids, but they shun him as well. After feeling fully rejected, Adam goes to Samurai Quan's Sushi Bar, and the restaurant owner, Samurai Quan tells him that he does have the animal instincts to fit in, but he just needs to clear his head. He gives him a mini-plate of Wasabi, and gives him a warning of how hot it is. Adam eats it before he can heed the warning and this clears his head and nasal passages. It also gives him a stress induced hallucination of Coach Gills, who tells Adam what The Great Gourd told her. Adam is now inspired to love Animas.

Adam runs back to CDMS, happily yelling that he's finally obtained the Animas spirit. The animals have been setting up the table for the great Animas feast and are overjoyed that Adam can finally save the holiday and find the Animas rock. Adam smells the awful stench of an unflushed toilet, which as told by Jake, is the smell of the Animas rock. Adam follows the disgusting smell and finds a disappointingly tiny pebble on the ground, but it still happy to have saved Animas.

At the great feast that day, everyone sits around the table and eats their food. Windsor also feels the need to make a speech. He says that he's learned from his experience and realized that although Animas may be over commercialized, it's become clear to him that maybe the corporate hacks who market the whole holiday have the Animas spirit too, and the Animas spirit tells them, to sell a lot of products. Lupe says that she's learned nothing from the experience, since she was right all along about Animas being all about the presents. Jake has nothing to say. The whole time, Coach Gills is urging someone to mention the lesson she learned about how Animas is about spending time with one's friends, but this falls on deaf ears. Lastly, Adam makes a speech about what he learned on Animas, and what he learned, is to stay home next year.


Voice actor Character
Nika FuttermanAdam Lyon
Miss Chameleon
Jake's Mom
Tom Kenny Jake Spidermonkey
Henry Armadillo
Rick Gomez Slips Python
Windsor Gorilla
Grey DeLisle Lupe Toucan
Ingrid Giraffe
Brian Doyle-Murray Coach Tiffany Gills
Maurice LaMarche Cyrus Q. Hornbill
Principal Pixiefrog
Mr. Blowhole
Maurice Mandrill
Phil LaMarr Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski


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