Home by Christmas is a 2006 made-for-TV movie starring Linda Hamilton and directed by Gail Harvey.


Julie Bedford is a recent divorcée trying to make a new home for herself and her daughter. But after some problems, her daughter decides to go live with her father George, and a serious of unfortunate events leaves Julie homeless and sleeping in her car. She finds encouragement and direction from another homeless woman, Selma, and begins to try and rebuild her life, again. She also meets Michael, and begins to date him, but hides the fact that she is homeless. She gets work as a real estate agent and as Christmas approaches, begins to hope that she can be happy again.


Actor Character
Linda Hamilton Julie Bedford
Brenda Crichlow Selma
Rob Stewart Michael
Brittney Wilson Andie Bedford
Garwin Sanford George Bedford
Campbell Lane Max Stern
Jacqueline Ann Steuart Linda
Laura Soltis Gena
Babz Chula Rita
Patricia Dahlquist Grace
Ingrid Torrance Madeleine Francis
Serge Houde Richard Klassen
Madison Graie Cindy
Alison Araya Hispanic woman
Iris Quinn Janet
Tammy Gillis Donna
Beverley Elliott Nurse #1
Elfina Luk Grocery cashier
Leah Graham Nurse #2
Christine Miller Hospital administrator
Alvin Sanders Apartment manager
Jennifer Clement Cathy
Zak Santiago Mario
Donna White Librarian
Candus Churchill Church woman
Carmen Aguirre Principal
Glen Barwise Mr. Bloomfeld
Darcy Cadman Waiter
Michael Stevens Doctor

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