Home for the Howiedays is the second Christmas episode of the YTV animated series Almost Naked Animals. It and its partner episode, "The Perfect Gift", were originally broadcast on Cartoon Network in the United States on October 21, 2011, before airing on YTV in Canada on December 7th of the same year.


Christmas is at the Banana Cabana and all the gang are getting into there traditions, Piggy making a big jelly of sweets, Narwhal speaking in song, Bunny telling the story of Christmas, but Octo do not seem to have one. Howie is determined to get Poodle and Batty to stay for Christmas in the Banana Cabana, which they eventually have to after their hotels destruction.

Poodle hates it at first, but then realises she can ruin the traditions by blaming everyone for ruining each others traditions, which she succeeds, but Howie trys to calm everyone down with his tradition, a big carrige of presents. Poodle intended on destroying Howie's tradition, but then realises what it is, which leads to a flashback of Howie and Poodles childhood

Howie built this float for them to ride, but added jet engines, launching them at high speed, causing all kinds of mischief, but land in water, causing to sink. Howie feels bad for messing up, but Poodle thought the jet engines were a stroke of genuies, and he should be a stuntman.

Poodle realizes she caused Howie to become a stuntman, and says she'll be nice to everyone. Batty likes this idea and asks for a hug, but she kicks him, causing him to fly into the distance, spending Christmas alone and hurt. She explains she isn't really used to being nice.

Duck finishes the episode by saying...

"Happy Howie-days to all, and to all, a wood kite!"


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