I'm Giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas is a song from the Pokémon Christmas Bash CD, released in 2001. It is sung by Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum and Stan Hart as Professor Oak.


Oak: Every Christmas ol' Santa brings presents for me.
He leaves plenty of packages under the tree,
But this year I have a surprise for Saint Nick,
And it's something that's going to give him a kick!

Ash: What is it, Professor?

Oak: I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas.

Ash: Wow! Just like the one you gave to me?

Oak: That's right!
I'll hide it in my stocking,
And he'll find it rather shocking,
Cause giving gifts to Santa is quite a novelty!
I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas.

Ash: I bet he'll scratch his beard and say:
"Now Christmas eves will be a breeze
As long as I have one of these
On foggy flights
Through winter nights
To light my way!"

Oak: Its ThunderShock will twirl a million candy canes,

Ash: And power up a slew of new

Both: electric trains!

Oak: I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas
Cause Santa's got a lot of work to do.
As the clock strikes every hour,

Ash: He'll be using Pika-power!
To bring Christmas toys
To girls and boys

Oak: And grown ups too.

With Pikachu his sleigh will fly so fast,
About a thousand times as fast as Christmas past

I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas,

Ash: It'll be the best friend Santa ever had.
He'll have fun with Pikachu
And Pikachu's gonna have fun too.

Oak: Playing up in Santa's workshop,
Say... that's not bad!

Ash: It's chilly at the North Pole.

Oak: So I'm told.
But with so much warmth in both their hearts
They'll never feel the cold.

I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas -
It's just the perfect thing to do!

Ash: And as his sleigh pulls out of sight
We'll hear him calling through the night,

Both: With a Ho-Ho-Ho 
Santa: and a "Merry Christmas!"
All: Pika-chuuuuu!


PkmnChrstmsBsh - 02 I'm giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas02:48

PkmnChrstmsBsh - 02 I'm giving Santa a Pikachu for Christmas

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