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Written by: Carol Rosenstein
Michael Lloyd
Music by: Michael Lloyd
Date: 1992
Publisher: Kidsongs Video Music

"If I Get a Pony for Christmas" is an original Kidsongs song featured in the video We Wish You a Merry Christmas.


If I get a pony for Christmas.
Oh, how happy I'll be.
I'd love to find a pony for Christmas
Under my Christmas tree.
Every night I dream about her,
She's the only one that I adore.
If I get a pony for Christmas,
I won't ask for anything more.

I'll brush her till she shines and sparkles
And her saddle will be the best.
I'll give her lots of pretty ribbons.
She'll be special not like the rest.


She'll show me all the fancy dances.
She'll tell her secrets just to me.
And though I know we're kinda tiny,
We'll grow up eventually!


I won't ask for anything more.

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