"It's Christmas Again" is a song featured at the beginning of the Sesame Street Christmas special Elmo Saves Christmas.

Album releases


Opening Credits

Bob: Hang a star upon the tree,
All: It's Christmas again.

Big Bird: Candy canes for you and me,
All: It's Christmas again.

(Chorus) With jingle bells and pine-tree smells and peace on earth to men.
So wave the turkey leg on high
Hooray for mince and pumpkin pie
And Santa Claus up in the sky.
It's Christmas again.

Elmo: There's smiling Christmas faces and a lot of Christmas cheer.
Oscar: Yuck! Which really makes me grateful that it's only once a year.

Grover: Oh, buy a Christmas sapling from a monster who is blue.
It will make you happier and I'll be happy, too.

Elves: We wish them while we work making toys for Santa's sleigh.
When Christmastime is over, we get a holiday.

All: (Sings the chorus again)


All: Hang the tinsel on the tree

It's Christmas again.

Elmo: Again!

All: Candy canes for you and me,
It's Christmas again.

Elmo: Again!

All: Again, again, again, again, again, again, again!
They're putting toys on Santa's sleigh
Today is just like yesterday
‘Cos Christmas hasn't gone away!
Elmo: It's Christmas again!

Spring Version

All: Cherry blossoms in the trees,
It's Christmas again.

Tell ladybugs and bumblebees,
It's Christmas again.

The birds of spring go caroling in every glade and glen,
The snow has melted clean away.
There's only grass for Santa's sleigh,
And though it's very warm for May.

It's Christmas again! (in the album, the last line was "It's Christmas... ONCE... AGAIN!")

Independence Day Version (not in the album)

Crowd: Happy Independence Day,
It's Christmas again!

Let the marching music play,
It's Christmas again!

So ring your bells and sing noels,
To tell the minute men.

The stars and stripes are waving high,
The fireworks are in the sky.

It's on the fourth day of July!

It's Christmas again!

Final Verse (not in the album)

Carol Singers: (hoarsely) Hang the star upon the tree,
It's Christmas again.

Candy canes for you and me,
It's Christmas again.

With jingle bells and pine tree smells and peace... (they trail off and start coughing because they've lost their voices after singing for a whole year)