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It Came Upon the Midnight Clear is a 1984 made-for-TV movie directed by Peter H. Hunt.


The film stars Mickey Rooney as Mike Halligan, a grandfather who dies shortly before Christmas. He makes a deal to return to earth to spend one last Christmas with his grandson Robbie, played by Scott Grimes. He is also tasked with finding a wayward angel, and is extremely discouraged to find the complete absence of any Christmas spirit in his old hometown of New York City. Annie Potts co-stars as a reporter searching for an uplifting story for the Christmas Eve newscast, and she is also discouraged as no such story can be found in the entire city.


  • Mickey Rooney: Mike Halligan
  • Scott Grimes: Robbie Westin
  • Barrie Youngfellow: Kate Westin
  • Gary Bayer: Rick Westin
  • Alyson Kirk: Missy Westin
  • George Gaynes: Archangel
  • William Griffis: Wiley Boggs
  • Annie Potts: Cindy Mills

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