Jules Daly is the protagonist of A Princess for Christmas. She is a young woman from Buffalo who works in an antique shop and, since the deaths of her sister and brother-in-law, is the legal guardian of her nephew, Milo, and niece, Maddie. She is resented toward their grandfather, the Duke of Castlebury, ever since he disowned his own son after he married her sister because of no title. However, she accepts going to Castlebury for Christmas when she is told he is ill. There, she meets Ashton, his other son, and they fall in love.


  • "Arabella is right. Milo did steal that video game ... but he returned it. And Maddie does have a temporary fascination with chips, which I'm trying to wean her off. And I am currently unemployed, but I hope not for long because I really love working."

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