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"Just Like Old Times" is the Christmas episode of the Fox Kids animated series Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego?


It's the Christmas season and with ACME being shut down for the holidays--but not VILE as Carmen tries to hack into a communication tower in Greenland.

After Carmen's escape, Zack and Ivy learn that ACME's hologram chief has come down with a computer virus. After they even--Carmen's real plan is show up--she was just after the hologram chief to play a game like they did before Carmen become a thief. Carmen makes a surprising discovery: the virus has effect the hologram chief's memory banks..

Carmen gets a clue from Zack and Ivy, which points to Handel's "Messiah". Carmen meets up with Reggis and Barrow's ACME first London team. She escapes them.

Zack and Ivy sends a video of a witch flying a cannon. Carmen realizes it's Befenda. According to story, Befenda was following the Three Wise Kings while the latter was trying to find the Christ child, but end up totally lost. Befenda delivers presents on kids on January 6.

Carmen steals a cannon despite little trouble from Armando and two other ACME agents. Ironically, Armando and the two other ACME high-five each other.

Zack and Ivy send Carmen a third clue: another rebus going to the National Christmas in Washington, D.C. with Zack saying "You staking on thin ice with this clue, Carmen." Lars remarks a lot about "security". Carmen remembers that Zack's phrase.

Despite Zack and Ivy's tricky clue trap, Carmen is able to steal the Rockfeller Center's Christmas t. It turns out that Zack and Ivy went back and saw that the hologram chief gone. So, they put tracking on the items their clues to locate Carmen's home and get the hologram chief out of her system.

They arrive are able to wrap up Carmen's henchman, but she escapes leaving behind a doll of herself saying, "The only Carmen you catch is this one."

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