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"Keep Your Chin Up" is a song from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys. It's performed by Rudolph and Hermey as they head for the Island of Misfit Toys. The former is sad because he still feels like a misfit because of his nose, so the latter sings this to cheer him up.


Hermey: Keep your chin up,
Keep your shoulders back,
And face the world with pride.
So, what if you're a little bit different?
You're still bona fide.

Stick your nose out,
Hold your antlers high,
Enjoy the world you see.
So, what if you're a little bit funny?
Hey, ya still got me!

Rudolph: We're just a little bit,
Oh, just a little,
Hermey: We stand out from the rest.
Rudolph: Golly, but I just don't fit.
Hermey: Hey, don't even think of it!
Rudolph: Not even for a little bit?
Hermey: The situation's delicate,
We'll find a fit!
Rudolph: You're such a wit!
Hermey: And you're a major benefit!
Both: Oh...
Rudolph: Me?

Hermey: So your chin up,
Keep your shoulders back,
Both: And face the world with pride.
So what if we're both kinda loony?
So what if we're both kinda toony?
So what if we're both kinda spoony?
We're just fine!

Hermey: Hey, I'm not just a dental elf...
Rudolph: You're a monumental elf!
Hermey: We're happy as can be!
Rudolph: Even if I'm down and out?
Hermey: In a hole, I'll pull ya out!
Rudolph: You're the coolest of the cool!
Hermey: Remember elves and reindeer rule!
Rudolph: You think that's true?
Hermey: I do, don't you?
Just look at all the things we do!
Both: Oh...
Rudolph: Really?

Hermey: So keep your eyes bright,
Both: Take a real deep breath,
And hold your head up high!
Hermey: Remember, don't ever feel crummy,
'Cause I am your personal chummy!
Rudolph: We're really remarkably plummy...
Yes, plummy...
Hermey: Not glummy...
Both: Old chummy...
We're perfectly fine!

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