Magic Gift of the Snowman is a 1995 direct-to-video film, released by Goodtimes Entertainment.


This is the story of two children, a little boy named Landon and his little sister, Emery Elizabeth, who's been ill and very delicate for quite some time. The doctor warns their parents that she is growing weaker and weaker each passing day and that she'll be lucky if she makes it until Christmas. Downhearted with the horrible news, Landon tries to comfort himself by going outside and building a snowman, who eventually becomes their guidance into a great adventure. In an attempt to get Emery Elizabeth to eat well and rest when she needs to, Landon promises that he will tell her a magnificent story about an enchanted winter wonderland if she does what the doctor wants her to do in order to get well. Emery Elizabeth, excited about a grand story about Princess Electra and her kingdom, agrees to eat her oatmeal and take her needed naps. Landon introduces her to their new friend Snowden, the snowman he had just built, and tells her of a wonderful kingdom ruled by the Princess Electra where there are no grownups, only children who can play all day long in a place where beds are made of marshmallows, lullaby birds sing kids to sleep, and always fresh, white snow on the ground. In their imagination, Landon and Emery Elizabeth join Snowden into that kingdom where she slowly finds joy and a new reason for living. One night during their visit, they are told by Snowden that the wicked Charlatan, the ruler of Yuck, has stolen Princess Electra's smile, therefore casting great sadness and despair over the children in the enchanted land that has now become more than a place in the imagination. Now, with newly found inner strengths, Landon, Emery Elizabeth, and Snowden travel to the horrid kingdom of Yuck, where Christmas candy and sweets are transformed into revolting "yuck", and must defeat the wicked Charlatan in order to restore happiness to Princess Electra's kingdom once more.

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