"Mama Gets Goosed" is the second Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom Mama's Family, aired in the show's sixth and final season.


Mama and Iola get back from Christmas shopping and Naomi, Vinton, and Bubba are putting up a fake silver Christmas tree. Mama isn't exactly in the Christmas spirit, but when she reads the card from her cousin that says she is giving her a present to remind her of the old days on the farm, she decides to have an old-fashioned celebration. When the gift finally arrives, everyone is shocked to see it is a live goose. Mama reads the card, which says that the goose, Leland, is meant to be slaughtered for Christmas dinner. Everyone is against doing so except Mama. It keeps attacking her, which the family says is because he knows she going to slaughter him. When the day of his execution finally comes, she has trouble going through with it and in the end, serves a vegetarian dinner with Leland as the guest of honor.

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