VHS cover of Hamtaro's Christmas

Merry Christmas! is the first Christmas episode of the anime Hamtaro.

It's Christmas time! Boss and Snoozer want to get a gift from Santa. The Ham-Hams decide to help and everyone gets gifts from the hamster-Santa. Meanwhile, Laura wants a dollhouse for her gift.


Christmas is almost here and all the hamsters can think about is what presents they want. Everyone but Bossthat is, who has never received a present for Christmas. When he hears that Santa gives gifts to hamsters who are “good” he works at being a “good” hamster. The other Hamsters see this effort and decide to tell Santa about Boss, but every Santa Claus they meet turns out to be an impostor. Hamtaro returns home and prays for a present for Boss.

Christmas comes and Laura gets the dollhouse she asked for. Hamtaro soon learns that he got what he asked for too when he hears that Boss and Snoozer received presents from the secret Santa of the hamsters... Elder Ham!

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